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Should your brand use more video to communicate? Probably.

Unfortunately, traditional video production is expensive. In-house production with freelancers is time-consuming. With creative moviemakers and leading programmatic specialists, we offer fixed pricing and full social media distribution capabilities.

Tell your brand stories with social video.

Programmatic video ads. Social video updates. Branded vlogs. Explainer videos.
Success stories. Conference highlights. Employer branding videos.
Take the leap and become a “video first” brand today.

Fixed pricing

Our fixed pricing makes it easier for your brand to budget for a more continuous use of video in your marketing and communications.

Social media DNA

Our PR- and social media activation specialists will help your brand to tell stories that will engage a growing online community.

Lean production

Inspired by vloggers and social media influencers, our creative moviemakers use the latest in mobile videography to capture your brand stories.

Distribution guarantees

Our programmatic experts will use the latest in distribution technology to make sure that your content generates exactly the results you want.

Let us guide you through our process.

We believe in design thinking. This is why our 4×3 services are meticulously crafted to follow an exact progression that generates predictable results month after month.


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Video Making | Interactive Copywriting | Viral Loop Designs


Programmatic Advertising | Influencer Collaborations | Creative Campaigns


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Our distribution guarantees.

We are confident in our distribution capabilites.

Relevance guarantee:
We guarantee a relevance number beforehand.
Results guarantee:
We guarantee a result number beforehand.
Reach guarantee:
We guarantee a reach number beforehand.
Pick your guarantee and if we fail to deliver, we forfeit our distribution fee.

“What makes Kaufmann videos different?”

They say that a picture says more than a thousand words. Now, imagine communicating your message with moving images. In today’s media landscape, trying to stand out is tough. But audiovisual storytelling combined with programmatic targeting will deepen your relationship with your brand audience. With video, you’ll be connecting directly with your audience both emotionally and intellectually at the same time.

A Kaufmann video can be based on almost anything; a podcast interview, an expert article, an almost limitless amount of images, infographics, and text. We make it work. And we produce and design our videos with social media audiences in mind. Our videos are always created to inspire action, whether that’s social media shares or increasing sales and brand awareness.

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We are hiring.

(Applicants that will make our agency more diverse is most welcome!)

Programmatic Specialist (CEO)
Klaus-Peter Beiersdorf

Feffe Kaufmann

Digital Storyteller
Feffe Kaufmann

Creative Filmmaker
Rasmus Lewenhaupt

Digital Storyteller
Jerry Silfwer